Target Sprint National Finals

October 19, 2018 10:41 am


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Target Sprint National Finals

by  Josh Hunt, Year 11

On the 7th October  Amy Cook, Charlie Jones, Dan Taylor, Jamie Davies and myself took part in the –Target Sprint UK National Finals in Yate. Target Sprint is a new sport, that was set up by the International Shooting Federation in 2013 and could well become an Olympic sport one day.

It’s a biathlon, that involves running and shooting. You have to firstly run 400 meters, then shoot down 5 small targets, before running another 400 meters and then shooting down another 5 targets, followed by a final run. You can imagine after sprinting 400m you have to lower your heart rate quickly to be able to shoot accurately, a technique that we later practiced with Mr Garley in the sports hall.


This all started back in the Summer, when as the Wycliffe CCF under Captain Archer, we were shooting fullbore at Bisley in the NRA Cadet Competitions. Wycliffe entered a team into the inaugural Cadet Target Sprint Competition, run by British Shooting, who run all the Great Britain Shooting Teams. Fortunately as a school we did very well!  With Charlie Jones coming 1st, I came 3rd and Dan Taylor 4th in our age group and with Amy Cook winning her group and Jamie Davis coming 3rd in his. With these positions Wycliffe won the NRA Cadet Target Sprint Trophy and the top 3 finishers in each group were presented medals by the former British Olympian Gorgs Geikie. But importantly everyone who finished in the top 5 for their age group, also received an Invitation to Shoot in the National Finals in October. We discovered later that the Bisley competition was just one, of 7 regional qualifiers competitions that were held across the country, with each competition providing their 5 best shots for the final.


When we got to Yate, we had to enter heats, to decide who would win a place in the actual final race itself. In the Under 16 boys, Dan Taylor came 10th in his heat and Charlie Jones came 6th both just missing out on the final, but Amy, Jamie and I who all came 4th made it through in our different age groups. The competition in the actual finals was very high. In some of the matches we were shooting against some of the Junior Great Britain Team with modified rifles! Unfortunately, we didn’t win any more medals, but Amy came 7th, I came 10th and Jamie 7th, which we were all proud of as it was a great experience and an honour to compete and represent our school in a National Final.

If any of you enjoy running or shooting, I would suggest giving it a try, as I think this is a sport that is going to develop quickly.

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