We are indeed lucky to occupy the most enviable of geographical locations on the Wycliffe campus, our striking red brick Victorian building looking out over the entire layout of the school, from its unique position at the top of the main drive.

Within the house we strike a happy balance between day and boarding, with a number of flexi-boarding beds for those who just want to stay over on the odd occasion. We pride ourselves on possessing an excellent sense of house spirit, participating with vigour in all activities, whether they are sporting, musical or dramatic.

The house is run very much with a distinct family feel to it; the boys mix happily and freely across the year groups and friendships thrive between junior and senior pupils. House loyalty is fierce and our sense of community indisputable.

Haywardsfield is a happy house, with a family atmosphere. Pierre, Year 9 pupil

It’s relaxed but not over the top. We are not too much of one thing, we get involved in everything. Hallam, Year 9 pupil

Open Afternoon for Reception to Year 2

Friday 20th March

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