Being an occupant of Loosley Halls gives me the opportunity to wake up and decide whether I’d have breakfast in house or eat the school provided breakfast or some days decide to sleep in bearing in mind that we have a morning registration. I live in a single en suite room in this house, so I’m able to determine how I’d live my life without directly affecting anyone else – a roommate. Being in year 12 at Wycliffe gives me freedom to show how independent I can be  but all the while being monitored. I have between one and three supervised study periods each day which would normally be a free but to ensure each pupil utilises their time efficiently, we have most of our free periods supervised and then redeemed by our effort grades over the course of the term.

I do four subjects; Maths, Economics, Media Studies and French. As someone that has a flare for languages, I would say that Wycliffe’s modern language department is one of the best I have come across. The support from all teachers, and educative yet interesting lessons keep me committed to the language. Mathematics and Economics as well are two very creditable departments, I’m able to incorporate mathematical skills gained into ensuring my success in economics and vice versa. In addition, media studies helps me express my creativity and understanding of the representation of the world in ways no other subject can – in my opinion – it’s a lot of work but extremely enjoyable. I do each of my four subjects everyday, sometimes have a subject or two twice in one day- a very full timetable indeed.

During lunch each day I have either an activity or a game. I do Young Enterprise, Choir, Duke of Edinburgh and Drama Club as activities at different times during the course of the week. I hold the position as the Sales Director of the business in Young Enterprise. My singing abilities are challenged and improved at every choir rehearsal, this will be my skill for the Gold Duke of Edinburgh I’m about to start. I also play netball, basketball, I’m learning hockey and have an amazing time at aerobics as extra-curricular games. I recently started SAT preparation classes, the idea of getting a British education and having the support to follow my dreams after Wycliffe, outside the United Kingdom, is an aspect of Wycliffe that I believe deserves a lot of praise.

With such a busy schedule and a lot of commitments, having Loosley as my main base is extremely helpful, the ambience and the welcoming nature, filled with friendly and supportive people. Fitting in and making friends was not a problem for me as people are extremely friendly. Loosley halls provides a conducive learning environment, with a homely touch and the freedom to be independent – the perfect preparation for University life. Being in Wycliffe moulds us positively , in the way we interact with others, behaviour and our ability to express ourselves without the fear of what people would say or think.  My stay so far at Loosley Halls, the sixth form house has been eventful and I look forward to the next two years of growth; emotionally, academically and physically. I believe I would thrive as a boarder in Wycliffe and see it as a place to develop myself and help others, all the way making  friends and memories that would last a lifetime.


Wycliffe is located in Stonehouse which is a very small but lovely town in Gloucester, and I’m Winfred, currently in Year 12 also live in Loosley Halls which is a boarding house for overseas pupils, and, for me, is the best boarding house in this school and this is my second year to be here in Wycliffe. And there were a lot of funny things and great worthy memories for me to relive almost everyday.

Every year when freshers are coming in school, they have to be here a week before the school officially starts. I remember when I first started here in Wycliffe, I was very scared because back then I was typically shy like other Chinese pupils. But I hoped to make friends with other pupils which is the purpose of Pre-sessional week. We were divided into different groups by nationalities and I was with two Germans, one Thai and one Nigerian. We had a lot of team building tasks to do as one ‘living organism’, and then we have to prepare for the talent show which is for every group to think of something to do that involves everyone in the team. My group was doing a German-English comedy show, only for a few minutes but we did make others laugh, and also I learned some German through and most importantly, I made some friends! Although some of us have left but we all had a great time together.

About Loosley, the first thing that makes us show off to other people is that we have private bathroom and single rooms for everyone, which is enough for others to be jealous of. Also it’s a house that mixed of girls and boys and they all come from different countries and cultures. It used to be a house that is only for year 12 and overseas pupils but now we have some DY which makes life more interesting. We have a few common rooms separated in three houses, 2 for girls and 1 for boys, and in boys’ we have a PS3 so we can play video games on it, mostly just FIFA which is good for some of us to relax, but if you are not a video-game- guy, there is table tennis outside boys’ house for us to play. In the bigger common room which is where we do registration everyday, there’s a kitchen for us to cook, also a TV that we sometimes watched a few movies on Saturday evening and everyone quite enjoyed that. And a fun fact, Loosley used to be Wards’ house’s swimming pool!

Every year Wycliffe will organise Activity Fair, it’s an event for us to pick some after-class activities to relax and have fun. I did Climbing and I’m also in choir as a tenor, and I do gold D of E, it’s like Man vs. Wild but way less than what Mr. Bear Grylls is capable of. Every term choir will do some performances in either school or Gloucester. It was very good and we even have to sing it in different languages but most of the time is in English. And school has all kinds of music lessons for us to either learn how to play an instrument or how to sing, which is very nice.

Every Tuesday and Thursday’s afternoon we don’t have any lessons, instead we play all kinds of sports, we have badminton, fencing, rowing, samba, etc. Wycliffe is famous for Squash, so many people come to this school for squash training.

In almost every subject, we have different kinds of trips take place every year. It’s all related to the specific subject you chose. We went to Pila, Italy for skiing last year which is definitely one of my best weeks. And even we have trips to Greece, Spain, France, etc.

Wycliffe has all kinds of communities, every house has 2 or 3 people represent their house to attend and give some useful advice for school, which is quite good as we can say what we need or what to do to make us a better school life.

Teachers here are quite supportive to every one of us. Because of the small class sizes, teachers will spot on some of our weaknesses and we can deal with them immediately, which is very different from China.

When it’s near Christmas, school will organise an event called Christmas dinner, we go to a restaurant together and eat dinner all together, after that we can socialise or dance, which is super cool.

Also we have international fair that is an event for every country to join and share their culture and food especially. Last year Chinese pupils used the whole stage because we have a lot to show and share.

I think that’s what I have experienced there’s definitely more of it to be explored.

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Friday 20th March

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