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November 22, 2018 9:28 am


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What is ESports?

ESports (pronounced “E-Sports”) is a general term used to describe video game competitions. Much like athletic sporting events, ESports games are often played before live audiences and may be broadcast over the Internet as well.

There is a national school’s competition currently enjoying its inaugural year across three computer games: Overwatch, Rocket League, and League of Legends. Our two teams are competing in the League of Legends competition (with the hope of competing in the other games starting in January) and after their fourth round of matches during this week both have reached national quarter finals. Unfortunately this week Wycliffe have to play Wycliffe so we will only have one in the Semis.

Here follows the latest match report – 

Forget United vs City, AUS vs ENG, Godzilla vs Kong: Wycliffe Z vs Wycliffe R trumps them all as the showdown of the year so far. For the first time we managed to play 5 v 5, even though the internet speeds slowed the match’s start by around 25 minutes. Thank you to our handful of spectators although there really wasn’t too much space!

Match 1: Click here to view. R in blue, Z in red. (There is, for some reason, a fault with the sound in today’s videos)


Initial play was cautious and even until R’s jungler was caught out of position in the bot land for first blood to Z at the four minute mark. Close tactical play continued evenly until a midlane gank from Z broke the deadlock at around seven minutes and earned a 4-0 KD lead. The first turret waiting until the thirteen minute mark to fall was a clear sign of the evenness of the contest. The fight in the dragon pit at 19:00 proved decisive and although the kills were evenly traded for the rest of the match, Z tipped the balance with the Baron at 22:00 and a coordinated midlane push. Z’s triple kill at 29:00 gave them enough clearance to finish the nexus towers and round off the match.

1-0 to Z in the best of three.

Match 2: Click here to view. Z in blue, R is red.


Again a low kill count and a similar wait for first blood and first tower to fall highlights a tense close match. This time R took the early upper hand in a solo kill in the top lane. The score stayed the same until the kill was repeated four minutes later. A team double kill at 8 minutes even things up and allowed a Z push at the bot lane tower. R could then not stop Z from creeping into the lead and felt the pressure of the gold advantage. R nearly earned the powerful Herald, but were spotted and stopped at the last minute showing Z’s good vision control. The scales really started to tip in Z’s favour slightly earlier in the match and they found themselves inside the red base at the 22 minute mark. Brilliant use of ‘ultimates’ sent them packing, however, as R targeted the day’s only ace. Not one to take that lying down, Z were back into the base a few minutes later and kept their cool enough to seal the nexus, the game, and the Semi-Final Place

2-0 to Z in the best of three.


Results are not yet in from the other matches, but it looks likely that we will face “Beyond Reality” next week at 16:30 – who are the only team to have beaten us so far. What I suspect will be an easier final awaits the victor from next week. We can amalgamate around seven of the ten players from today in order to make a strong Wycliffe team going forward.

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