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Expedition Day (Years 3-8)

October 3, 2018 1:03 pm

On Thursday 27th September, Years 3 - 8 took part in Expedition Day. Here, one of our Year 6 pupils tells us all about the wonderful day they had.

Today was a day when Years three to eight (231 kids) each went on a trip. Year six ended up at the Forest of Dean, which is where our activities took place.

Firstly, all thirty three in Year six split into two groups. The first group did team building while the others did a two hour long cycle around the incredibly large forest. I was in the first group, I did team building first so that’s what I’ll talk about first. It started with us getting into groups of three or four. We needed to create a team name and logo. These were some names, treacle trees, wicked wolves, wondrous wolves, the strays and TCPC.

 Next each team was given one sheet with the alphabet. What we needed to do was think of natural items beginning with letters of the alphabet and find them in a small area of the forest. Your team got a bonus point if they came up with something no one else did.

After that, one team at a time would go in the forest with Miss Potts and try to tie a double knot around a tree with the tug of war rope we use on sports day but they had to keep their hands on the rope at ALL TIMES! Meanwhile, the other teams were doing a trust exercise. What we had to do was all stand in a small circle and then on the count of three we all had to sit on each other’s laps. After this, we played in the park for a while and then headed to lunch.

Now to talk about the cycling. This was my favourite part! We started off by walking down a small track to get everyone a bike that fitted them perfectly. I had a green bike with thick wheels. We came across the things that were called blue trails where it would be a small obstacle course type thing. A few people fell off doing them! I would wait for others to do it and listen out for a scream and if I didn’t hear one I would go and do it for myself.

All together I think it was the best trip so far.


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