Exploration Day Spring 2018 – Light

February 26, 2018 10:26 am


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Pupils in Years 3, 4 and 5 have taken part in the latest instalment of the Prep School’s ‘Exploration Days’. Focussing on the theme of ‘light’, the pupils immersed themselves in a range of activities based around Art, Science, Drama and Music.

The day started with a video tutorial from Head of Art, Mr Stopforth, who tasked the pupils with sketching their treasured pencil cases, but through the medium of three different light sources in order to see a variation in shade. The pupils then set off around different areas of the school for three sessions of sketching using natural sunlight, artificial lamp light, and finally the atmospheric candlelit art room, inspired by the great artists of old and notably the great work of ‘The Starry Night’, by Vincent Van Gogh. The sight of the pupils working was one of pure calm, focus and engagement.

The second part of the day involved the pupils visiting a carousel of Science activities, which taught and excited the pupils in equal measure. Pupils made periscopes with Mr Sinclair, designed to explain how light reflects in a straight line. Mr Bloodworth’s activity enabled the pupils to see first-hand how the seven colours of the rainbow combine to create white light, through undertaking a motorised Newton disc activity. Meanwhile, Head of Science, Mr Holroyde, created a series of WOW! moments as he demonstrated a number of light based experiments, including a laser and fog machine, to show how light travels in straight lines, and an LED mixer to show how white light can be made up of the three primary colours. This was then capped off with demonstrations of other types of light such as ultra violet and infra-red, which involved children hiding safely in a bin bag, which the infra-red camera could see through.

The final part of the day took on a dramatic and musical flavour.  Mrs Askew and Mrs Taylor choreographed and produced a scene from the musical ‘Starlight Express’ (minus the roller-skates), for which the only lighting came from the torchlight of the cast of pupils.

The Middle Prep pupils thoroughly enjoyed their exploration, in which the engagement in their learning, cooperation and a ‘can-do’ attitude really shone through, and where their imagination was clearly lit.

Mr R Irwin

Director of Studies Learning

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