Holiday Activities Schedule 2021

We host coaching and activity camps on Wycliffe schools grounds during the school holidays.

There is a variety of activities on offer across the Spring, Summer and Autumn breaks.

The camps are run by independent companies who are following Government and Covid 19 secure guidelines.

Click on the Discover more link beside the course you are interested in to find out more information and book a place for your child(ren).


30th March-14th April Manor Farm Discover More
6th-8th April Boon Tennis Camp Discover More
12th-16th April AFCA—Cricket Academy/Fun Camp Discover More
31st May – 3rd June Manor Farm Discover More
1st-3rd June Boon Tennis Camp Discover More


5th-9th July (TBC) Showbiz Drama Course
7th July-20th August Manor Farm Discover More
19th-23rd July (TBC) Showbiz Drama Course
2nd-6th August AFCA—Cricket Academy/Fun Camp Discover More
9th-13th August The Cooking Club Discover More
9th-11th August Netball Fever Discover More
16th-18th August Start! By NW Gymnastics Camp Discover More
16th-18th August Freestyle Soccer Camp Discover More
23rd-25th August Hockey Masterclass Discover More
23rd-27th August Boon Tennis Camp Discover More


25th-29th October Showbiz Drama Course
16th-21st December Showbiz Drama Course
(4 day course not including the weekend)

For further course details please call Ben Gannon on 01453 820387 or email