All our programmes rely on the best mix of specialist intensive English tuition and phased integration with English speaking pupils in classes, in some subjects from the very start.

This is accompanied by high quality pastoral care within the College and across the whole school. Pupils will be regularly assessed and their individual programme adjusted as they make progress through the supervision of tutors.

Year 9

Pupils from Year 9 (Age 13) are welcome to join at Elementary to Pre-Intermediate level and they usually make excellent progress.

Pupils following this route will gradually reduce their time in intensive EAL classes and join more mainstream lessons.

Pupils can join during Year 9, subject to their level of English, prior to commencing GCSEs in Year 10. We can be very flexible in the range and choice of subjects taken. Some pupils will take fewer mainstream subjects and have supervised study, where they have some extra time to complete work for other subjects. We would want pupils to be well-prepared for the challenge of GCSEs and comfortable with all school routines and expectations.

Year 10

Pupils in Year 10 (age 14+) can join our EAL programme and take a limited programme of GCSEs and other subjects, depending on their English language and academic ability.

Pupils follow our main school timetable but receive English as an Additional Language (EAL) lessons in small groups for language support in place of one or more subjects depending on the ability and progress of the individual pupil.

Extra EAL options are available for those who need it. Some GCSEs require a higher level of English than others and guidance is offered as to the number and relative challenge posed by GCSE’s choices, based on a realistic assessment of a pupil’s English language level and ability.

Not all subject combinations are available, but every effort is made to accommodate choices. Some pupils will take fewer GCSEs and have supervised study, where they can concentrate on work for other subjects. Most pupils will be expected to continue into Year 11 in order to complete their GCSEs with a view to joining Wycliffe Sixth Form. If a pupil intends to take GCSEs they will need to have started with us in the September of Year 10. It is however possible to join Year 10 for one or two terms as long as GCSEs are not required.

Sixth Form

Pupils following A Level courses will need to have good academic potential and ability in their chosen A level subjects and an excellent knowledge of English. Those identified by testing on arrival as needing some support to enable them to fully access their choice of subjects have EAL lessons alongside their subjects. We offer 2-3 EAL lessons a week as part of the sixth form programme. Additional help is provided during the course and is put into place when identified during one of the review periods or when identified by a subject teacher or tutor. Pupils are given specific tuition for the IELTS examination which is required by UK universities. Once a suitable grade has been achieved in the four skills tested, pupils can stop these lessons and concentrate on improving their A level grades.

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