The course is extremely flexible and is based on each pupil’s abilities and aspirations as well as sound educational principles. DY pupils study a broad range of subjects: they take Cambridge ESOL exams and typically four to six or more GCSEs/IGCSE exams in one year.

In addition, pupils take a number of non-examined subjects and can receive an introduction to a large proportion of subjects offered at A level. This might include a second foreign language, such as Japanese or Spanish, media studies, psychology, business studies, geography, music, art or drama.

English is taught by highly qualified and experienced staff. Other lessons are taught by specialist subject teachers within the school, who guide the pupil towards and assess their suitability to study A levels. Pupils have up to 25 hours of lessons per week.

As well benefiting from our careers and tutoring service, pupils participate in Sixth Form options and taster events. DY pupils share Life Skills lessons with their Year 11 counterparts. They also mix fully in a co-curricular activities and are involved in all house and school events whether sporting, artistic, academic or social.

Whole School Opening Morning

- Saturday 4th March 2017 -

Senior School  9.00am – 12.00pm

Prep School  10.00am – 12.00pm

For further information about Senior School Admissions please call Charlotte Phillips on 01453 820412.

For further information about Prep School Admissions please call Briony Armstrong on 01453 820471.