Wycliffe School uniform is supplied by Schoolblazer an online company. The website can be found at www.schoolblazer.com or you can telephone them on (+44) 0333 7000 733. The ordering procedure, together with instructions for using their intelligent sizing is explained on their website. They also have a useful video explaining how to order https://www.schoolblazer.com/how-to-shop

PLEASE NOTE: Schoolblazer strongly advise that parents put in their order for uniform by 31st July for summer delivery.


Pupils are expected to arrive at school with a complete set of uniform and sportswear.

All items of uniform should be ordered well in advance and delivered to your home address (Schoolblazer offer delivery to addresses around the world). Items must be tried on and any relevant exchanges made at this time.  We will be unable to exchange uniform on your behalf.

Miss Joy Eady will be available throughout the summer holidays as well as term time to help with any questions you may have about uniform. She can be contacted on 01453 820447 or by email at joy.eady@wycliffe.co.uk


Open Afternoon for Reception to Year 2

Friday 20th March

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