Wycliffe Wireless Network

As you are probably aware, the school operates a wireless network that covers most Senior School buildings, including boarding houses. Pupils with compatible laptops, tablets or other mobile devices can connect and access the internet and their email.

At Wycliffe we take e-safety very seriously. Pupils need to be safe in school, but also be prepared for the outside world and the use of technologies at home, in the community and the workplace. We strive to balance the learning benefits and opportunities that technology offers with careful and rigorous e-safety measures and policies in place. Pupils are taught to use technology responsibly, with the shared purpose of a safer online world. The school puts, as top priority, the safety of its users and the security of its network. Action by a user that compromises these aims, in any way, will be dealt with very seriously as will any action that adversely affects the smooth running of the network. We have appropriate filtering, monitoring and security measures set up on our network to provide our pupils a safe way of using the internet through our network. Please read the ICT Acceptance Use Policy for Pupils which covers all of the actions and guidelines to follow whilst they are present on Wycliffe campus and includes access to the internet via handheld devices and, for example, 3G dongles. Please remember that this policy is in place to protect our pupils and all of the other users of the Wycliffe network.

Instead of requesting parental consent for permission to connect to the wireless network, we operate an "opt out" system. If you do not wish your child to be able to connect to the school wireless network then please complete the details below.

Open Afternoon for Reception to Year 2

Friday 20th March

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