Directory Permission

Dear Parents and Guardians

As you may be aware, we distribute current parents’ contact information via the Pupil Directory to enable easier organisation of children’s parties and social lives and parent year group events.

We publish this information by year group: your child’s name, first name and surname(s) of parents, telephone numbers and email addresses. You may choose how much information you wish to publish and we are happy to publish both parents’ contact details or the contact details of just one parent. We recommend that only personal contact details, not work information, is provided.

If you have not been included in previous publications but would now like to be, please could you complete the slip below with the information you would like to be published. If you do not wish any information to be published, please indicate this on the form, after providing your child’s name and year group. Please note, as this information is being published by year group, that we will need one form per child.

If you have previously completed a form your information will be on record and therefore will be included in the next directory.

If forms are not returned, we will be unable to include your information in the new directory.

Yours sincerely

Adrian Palmer


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Friday 20th March

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