Pupil's Educational History

This is a confidential pro forma to enable us to ensure we are able to provide the most appropriate education and educational support for your child. It is essential that we know if your child has a history of learning difficulties, whether these have been formally diagnosed, or whether your child has received learning support. This information will not prejudice any offer of a place at Wycliffe. If there is a history of learning difficulty, the SEN Coordinator at Wycliffe may wish to consult the SEN Coordinator at your child's current school to ensure we can meet their needs. Wycliffe recognises that some pupils with learning difficulties may also have a disability. In such circumstances, the school is guided by the Equality Act 2010 and will consider what reasonable adjustments, if any, the school can make for disabled pupils who are at a substantial disadvantage compared to non-disabled pupils to ensure they are able to access Wycliffe's educational provision.

Please note that Learning Support lessons are subject to availability and will be charged as Academic Coaching (please refer to page 4 on the Schedule of Fees). Notice to terminate lessons must be given by the end of the preceding term.
If an Educational Psychologist's Report, or similar, is available, please send a copy to our SEN Coordinator.

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Friday 20th March

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