Sharing Information with Parents and Carers

At Wycliffe Nursery we encourage parental or carer input and support. Our staff are friendly and approachable and our aim is to do their best for your child.

When you visit we will talk to you in detail about your child – their habits, needs, how their day is structured, and what they like and don’t like.

If your child needs regular nap time, we have beds available for rests in the morning or afternoon.

Toilet Training

If your child wears nappies or pull-ups, please can you provide these along with and your preferred wipes so that the Nursery staff can change them with what he or she is already used to.

We are happy to work with parents as their child begins to use the potty/toilet to make this phase as stress-free as possible for all concerned.

Staff encourage the children to use the toilet regularly and all children are able to visit the toilet when they need to do so. If soiling or wetting is a regular occurrence we try to pre-empt this problem by taking the child to the toilet at timed intervals throughout the day.

All children wash their hands thoroughly after being changed, going to the toilet and before eating.

Staff supervise the children using the toilet and washing their hands until they can complete these tasks successfully unaided.

Upcoming Open Events at Wycliffe

 Prep School Open Morning – Saturday 6th October, 10am – 12pm

Senior School Open Morning – Saturday 6th October, 9am – 12pm

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