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November 16, 2016 4:16 pm


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Time continues to fly by as one day rolls relentlessly into the next! It was so lovely to see many of our parents at the fantastic fireworks party that the Parents’ Association organised on 5th November – even the weather behaved itself for a change!

We have enjoyed some outstanding success in sport over the last few days. Our Under 12 girls finished in a magnificent fifth place in the recent IAPS national hockey competition making our team the fifth best prep school hockey team in the country for their age – AMAZING. Not to be outdone our Years 7 and 8 boys’ cross-country team have excelled themselves. They travelled just up the road to Warrington on Saturday and finished in a magnificent third place in the semi-final of the competition which included every single school in the country, both state and independent. We have now qualified for the national final – ASTOUNDING.

In school the pupils are also producing some amazing things. It never ceases to amaze me the fantastic standards our teachers are helping our pupils to produce both inside and outside the classroom. Last week we had the annual Prep School Remembrance Service where our choir sang beautifully and some our pupils read some of the research they have been carrying out, about former Wycliffe pupils who tragically lost their lives in World War 1, extremely eloquently and made me very proud! In the two and a half weeks since half term, over fifty pupils have been sent to show me superb work ranging from some magnificent acrostic poems in Year 2 (you may be asking yourself what an acrostic poem is because that is certainly the question I asked!!). In the Lower Prep Tuesday Celebration Assembly we witnessed some superb drawings the children in Reception have been doing of Princes and Princesses, many of them probably better than I could do! I have seen Anderson shelters built by pupils in Year 4, complex Treasure maps with secret instructions designed by pupils in Year 3, examples of Joan Miro art by pupils in Year 6 and some fantastic Boscastle ILOs from pupils in Year 8.

I have also been run off my feet by prospective parents coming to visit us, especially looking to join Year 7 in September and was asking myself why is outside interest so high. Maybe word is getting out about the magnificent work that the pupils are producing on a daily basis in the school.

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