Multimedia Exploration Day

November 23, 2017 4:38 pm


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Pupils in Years 3, 4 & 5 enjoyed the latest instalment of the Prep School’s Exploration Days. This term our focus was Multimedia, where pupils were able to explore a range of technologies through a selection of exciting activities.

All pupils were given the chance to select two of the six activities on offer. Mr Sinclair led our ‘iPAD detectives’ through a series of interactive challenges involving shape and pattern, and the solving of mysteries.

The iMovie activity, led by Miss Lewis, proved to be a popular choice. Pupils were given the task of creating their own movie trailer with them as the directors, producers and stars of the show.

On the Hollywood theme, Mr Bloodworth’s activity enabled pupils to explore exciting ‘Green Screen’ technology through the ‘Do Ink’ app. Here, pupils were projected on to the set of a newsroom studio; delivered the UK weather forecast, or just simply danced on a rainbow.

Miss Willis used the ICT suite to teach pupils how to create animations using ‘Pivot Animator’, which animates stick-men undertaking different tasks.

Mrs Gidman led a group of young journalists through the first broadcast of the ‘Wycliffe fake news’ by our very own ‘Exploration News Team’. Pupils reported on a number of strange goings on around the Prep School, including a mysterious occurrence in the swimming pool, the trashing of a classroom, and the disappearance of Mr Palmer.

Aspiring sports commentators were given the opportunity to put their own lyrics to some of sport’s most iconic moments. Using the ‘Explain Everything’ app, Mr Irwin recorded the pupils’ version of England’s historic Rugby World Cup triumph, Team GB’s Hockey gold at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, and Manchester City’s famous ‘Sergio Aguero’ moment, as they clinched the Premier League title from Manchester United (much to the annoyance of the Headmaster).

The day finished with a visit to Sherborne Cinema, in Gloucester, where the pupils had a private showing of a film in the beautifully redeveloped Art-deco style cinema dating back to 1880.

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed their day. They worked with some really exciting technology which will hopefully open young minds to further multimedia opportunities within their education, and perhaps beyond.

Mr R Irwin
Director of Studies Learning



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