Palmer’s Prose on Prep (10th September)

September 10, 2018 9:19 am


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The first week of term is always a busy one! Here is what our Prep School Headmaster, Adrian Palmer, had to say about the activities at Wycliffe this week.

A week down already and what an action packed week. The nervousness of Sunday evening and Monday morning seems a long time ago now. The term has started brilliantly and the pupils have all been wonderful so far. Early days but an outstanding start.

It was terrific on Tuesday morning, the second day of term, to be able to give out awards to many of the children in Year 2 who had done some amazing holiday work – something that was not high on my agenda as a pupil at school but don’t tell the children!



On Friday the children in Lower Prep were very excited by the visit of the hedgehog people who brought in real life hedgehogs for them to see.



A very hectic weekend is now under way at the time of writing this. Our Year 8 pupils are enjoying a busy Geography curriculum field trip to Cornwall, where they are staying at Boscastle. Sadly for them, the sea was too rough today for them to enjoy the surf.

Last evening, my wife and I visited our Year 7 pupils who were enjoying a camping weekend near Sheepscombe. The Year 7’s listened to Year 13 Prefects and Heads of School talk about core values as part of a brilliant workshop at the village hall, followed by a lasagne supper which was well earnt having taken longer than expected to erect the tents. The Year 7’s listened to Year 13 Prefects and Heads of School talk about core values as part of a brilliant workshop. Pulling ‘Headmasterly rank’, I then left the staff involved to sleep out under canvas while I went to my nice warm bed – imagine my dismay to wake up this morning to see it had rained!!


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