Palmers Prose on Prep (17th September)

September 20, 2018 11:03 am


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So far, so good! Prep School Headmaster, Adrian Palmer, reports back on some of this week's highlights.

What a great start to the day I had on Tuesday, when I steeled myself and spent time in nursery. I have not had as much fun for a long time as I sat and played with the toys that were out and discussed important world issues with the three year olds in the room who had very strong opinions. Later in the day the Nursery children went on a conker hunt.

Later the same morning I led the weekly Lower Prep assembly and presented the first child of the week certificates of the term and a fabulous trophy to a very proud young man who had won star of the show at a recent village show.

Year 4 spent the day enjoying their Forest School experience centred on their history unit studying WW2. The children were ‘evacuated’ to the countryside where they had to build air raid shelters, crack codes and were taught about rationing whilst doing some cooking around the campfire. We never did exciting things like Forest School in my days as a pupil at school – I often wonder if children actually realise how lucky they are these days, with the exciting and innovative things they experience.

As the week has progressed things have not slowed down and on Thursday the children took part in the annual house cross country relay and it was fantastic to see each one of them really giving their best. Personally, I was exhausted just watching them run round the field.

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