Palmer’s Prose on Prep (28th September 2018)

September 28, 2018 2:28 pm


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Headmaster of Wycliffe Prep School fills us in on some of the activity that has taken place recently!

Here we are at Exeat after four very full-on weeks. We have already had two Forest School visits, a range of sports matches, and two overnight trips.

On Monday of this week, we had over sixty children from local primary schools experiencing a range of sports taught to them by professional sports coaches.

In Lower Prep music seems to be really taking off – almost every one of our children in Year 2 are taking individual music lessons on a range of instruments. We even have two learning to play the cello. As well as cellos, they have been learning to play the violin.

Nothing personal but I have to say I am relieved that the music room is some distance from my study.

The older children have just enjoyed the first expedition day of the year where children undertook a variety challenges – the Year 7 pupils having a briefing before setting off on the sculpture trail challenge. And the Year 5 children limbering up for their ten mile walk.


And after all of the excitement, I felt like getting involved myself and the children in Lower Prep found it very funny to see their Headmaster going down the slide!

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