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Palmer’s Prose on Prep (May 4th)

May 4, 2018 3:34 pm

Head of Wycliffe Prep School, Mr Adrian Palmer, gives us an update on what the children have been getting up to…

Back at school for the summer term and as usual the rain is causing havoc with our fixtures but so many other things are happening.

Last week we had the house music competition – the individual talent of some of our pupils is staggering. It was fantastic to hear children singing unaccompanied solos, playing solos on instruments such as the harp, the flute and the electric guitar.

The highlight of the event is always the house sing where the children were singing on the theme of colour, some houses more successfully than others. This is a truly wonderful event in which every single child plays a part from the truly talented singers to the ‘am I bovvered’ Year 8 boys who reluctantly give it a go.

We have already had three excursions and we are only in the second week of term. Pupils in Year 2 visited Gloucester Cathedral – Year 1 went to the zoo  and Year 5 have just returned from three days away up north visiting York Cathedral and the Viking village where the highlight of the day in undoubtedly the children having the teachers as their slaves for the day!!

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