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Holiday Fun at Manor Farm

Manor Farm Holiday club is open to all our pupils from The Nursery Class to Year 8 (three years old through to 13 years old). It is a rural activity club and based in the Pre-Prep Department on the Wycliffe Prep School campus throughout the holiday period.

Manor Farm offers the same hours of child supervision from 8.00am to 5.30pm as during the term time. The professional, dedicated team combine a passion for childcare with the pleasure of rural life. Children are encouraged to explore nature, meet animals and learn about the countryside through fun, entertaining activities.

Connecting with friends and nature

The children enjoy connecting with their friends during the holidays, without the need of organising a structured play date! They benefit greatly from the rural led activities, enjoy the outdoor focus and develop a creative and healthy respect for nature.

wycliffe kids playing outside at manor farm
wycliffe pupils at manor farm holiday

Flexible holiday cover with no minimum commitment

We appreciate that childcare can be difficult to arrange, particularly in the school holidays. There is no minimum commitment with Manor Farm. You may book individual days as required or block book if preferred – you just book the days that you need. It is simply one location with the same drop off and pick up times throughout the year.

Manor Farm club days are booked directly online at the Wycliffe club webpage….

The Manor Farm children conversing with the animals