Wycliffe Nursery provides a healthy, safe and secure environment for the children in our care. There are procedures in place to ensure that children do not leave the premises unsupervised and to prevent adults unknown to us from entering.

When you visit we will talk to you in detail about your child – his or her habits, needs, likes or dislikes.

Although the Nursery staff work as a cohesive team each child has a named Key Person who provides individualised care and support as he or she settles and gains confidence in the setting. Key Persons also observe, plan for and record individualised learning opportunities for each child in her group.

Wycliffe implements policies and procedures to promote equality of opportunity for children in our care, including support for children with special needs. We consider it important to provide a range of experiences and an environment that will instill in the children a positive approach towards all members of the community.

Good health is promoted with appropriate action taken if children become ill while in our care and necessary steps taken to prevent the spread of infection.

Every member of Wycliffe Nursery staff are qualified in paediatric first aid and safeguarding.

We encourage healthy eating. Meals snacks and drinks provided by Wycliffe are healthy, balanced and nutritious. Occasionally other foods for example party food or food from other cultures may be provided by school.

Parents and/or carers are requested to discuss any concerns/preferences regarding food with staff.

If your child needs regular nap time, we have beds available for rests in the morning or afternoon.

If your child wears nappies or pull-ups, please can you provide these along with and your preferred wipes so that the Nursery staff can change them with what he or she is already used to.

We are happy to work with parents as their child begins to use the potty/toilet to make this phase as stress-free as possible for all concerned.

All children wash their hands thoroughly after being changed, going to the toilet and before eating.

Staff supervise the children during all hygiene routines until they can complete these tasks successfully unaided.

All our nursery children who stay for school lunch choose from a selection of nutritious cooked meals. Sharing mealtimes with their friends and teachers helps to build essential social skills for the future.

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