Sharing Information with Parents and Carers

At Wycliffe Nursery we encourage parental or carer input and support. Our staff are friendly and approachable and our aim is to do their best for your child.

At Wycliffe Nursery we encourage parental and/or carer input and support. Our staff are friendly and approachable and aim to do their best for the children. We welcome parental and/or carer input in all areas of school life.

Prior to entry into Nursery, parents or carers can ask questions and discuss any concerns with staff in an informal atmosphere at the ‘Stay and Play’ sessions. Parents or carers are also invited to meet their child’s Key Person in the term prior to starting.

In addition to being available to speak to parents informally on a daily basis, Key Persons invite parents to meet with them to share the child’s individual progress and needs on a one to one basis.

An overview of the topic work to be covered and important dates are given to parents or carers at the beginning of each term. Details of daily routines and the weekly learning focuses are displayed on each classroom door. Planning and timetables are displayed on a wall inside each classroom where parents or carers can read them.

In the Autumn Term, the Reception class teacher leads an information evening for parents and/or carers explaining the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) areas of learning, how children’s progress is assessed against the early learning goals and how parents and/or carers can support learning and development at home.

Each child has a ‘Home Link Book’ in which messages can be exchanged between home and Nursery. If the child is cared for by other adults, information can be shared with them if parents and/or carers wish to give written permission.

Parents or carers sign-up to our Parent Portal, a web-based system for parents at Wycliffe, where letters, forms and information are delivered direct to you.

Parents are regularly invited to attend school productions and events, including afternoon teas and coffee mornings. Every family receives a calendar each term in which these dates are entered.

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