Proficiency in the English language is an essential factor in determining the future successes of young people, and new skills are developed most effectively when they are being enjoyed.

This is why, at Wycliffe Preparatory School, we take great pride in the fact that the vast majority of pupils genuinely enjoy their English lessons.

From the solid foundations they build in Lower Prep, the pupils are encouraged to make consistent progress through a target centred approach which allows every pupil to strive towards, and achieve, realistic goals tailored to the individual child. Their enjoyment of the subject is enhanced with cross-curricular themes throughout the school which help them to apply their English skills in a range of contexts, and termly poetry weeks, which ensure that the pupils experience poetry on a regular, ‘little and often’ basis each year.

For the more able pupils, and those on the Gifted and Talented in English Register, a range of activities and competitions is run to support them in using their initiative to meet new challenges head on. Meanwhile, our strong links with the SEN department enable us to recognise the needs of all pupils and ensure that, whatever their ability, every individual is taught in a way which helps them develop their confidence and reach their own potential.

We believe that, now more than ever before, it is crucial to foster a love of reading in young people, and this idea is at the heart of our English curriculum. As the pupils move up from Lower Prep, their progress and interest in reading is nurtured on a 1:1 basis within our Middle Prep library and regular guided reading sessions. The Upper Prep pupils continue to develop their passion for reading as longer texts begin to form the basis of their studies in English, gradually equipping them with the skills they need as they approach their GCSEs. The texts studied offer a range of content, so that the pupils experience both modern and classic literature and read around a variety of themes to incorporate the ideas of social diversity, morality, culture, history and so on. They are also supported in reading a range of genres and developing a life-long love of books and literature by our dedicated team of librarians in the main library.

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Friday 20th March

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