Geography at Wycliffe Prep School

All pupils at Wycliffe have the opportunity to study Geography and the schools location makes it a great place to explore.

Geography is taught as an independent subject from Year 3 upwards and by a subject specialist in the top three years, with pupils having two lessons of Geography a week.

Geography provides pupils with an opportunity to investigate the physical and human characteristics of the world and understand the close links between the human population and the natural environment.

The aim is to explore world geography in a fun and challenging way, whether it is making sewage, visiting recycling centres, studying rivers or the children making and exploding their own volcanoes! In Years 6-8 pupils are encouraged to explore the geographical knowledge by undertaking enquiries around school and the wider environment.

Global location, knowing where places are in the world, is still a key element of Geography at Wycliffe. Pupils’ locational knowledge expands outwards in scale from local, to national, to continental to global as they progress through the school. Ordnance Survey map work and atlas skills are still seen as important tools for the young geographer in addition to the use of new digital mapping resources.

Open Afternoon for Reception to Year 2

Friday 20th March

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