Wycliffe Preparatory School prides itself on its first-rate, advanced learning facilities. From Year 3 to Year 8, the pupils have dedicated weekly ICT lessons as well as cross-curricular ICT opportunities to ensure they develop the necessary ICT skills to prepare them for their future lives.

From Year 3 to Year 8, we cover touch typing, advanced use of the Office suite, the Adobe suite, and the Serif Suite, as well as a variety of other software. The important thing is that the software and skills are relevant and the pupils are prepared for the demands of ICT knowledge, skills and communication in the workplace. The curriculum is innovative, creative and it evolves to keep ahead of the game. By Year 8, the pupils develop entrepreneurial skills and create their own business; designing a logo, website, adverts, business spreadsheets and mail merge vouchers to entice potential customers. They also program games, use Raspberry Pis and program websites using the HTML coding. More detail about the range of software we use can be found in the pdf below.

Our ICT facilities are continually updated and ICT is prominent in every lesson across the school. We have three high-spec ICT suites, banks of iPads, several pods of computers and interactive whiteboards in every class.

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