In the Maths Department, we dare to be different. We are not afraid to enhance our curriculum to suit our needs. Our emphasis is on pupil learning in the most original manner possible, regardless of ability.

We deliver this in a variety of stimulating ways that are rewarding for both pupil and teacher. In the Middle Prep, we emphasise the importance of number but explore concepts in a stimulating fashion. We have developed a range of outdoor activities that can be held (weather permitting) on a regular basis. We challenge the more able using “Brain Academy” problems and reinforce using mathematical games. We encourage pupils to work together to solve problems. In the Upper Prep, we continue the vital work that is so well delivered for younger pupils. “Brain Academy” continues into Year 6, as do the weekly challenges. In Years 7 and 8 pupils are challenged to see how they can use mathematics in key jobs.

We focus more on functional Maths so that pupils can see the relevance of Maths in a wider world context. This takes place during classroom discussion times at the beginning of each new topic. We use ILOs (independent learning opportunities) to link topics to other subjects and the wider world. ILOs that we have worked on include Boscastle (a river study – why did it flood?); Where in the world do your clothes come from?; Creating your own bedroom with a limited budget; a Viking Saga; an Egyptian Market and creating Maths Board Games. ILOs are carried out by pupils in Years 3 to 8.

We look after pupils who have specific learning difficulties by differentiating all aspects of learning thus enabling them to access the curriculum. Gifted and Talented pupils are recognised and challenged in lessons as well as with extra-curricular activities. These include creating a holiday maths challenge, taking part in a national competition (UKMT), being part of groups who perform maths challenges on open days, and also trying to teach a lesson to their own peers.

The Maths teachers at Wycliffe Preparatory School are dedicated individuals, constantly thinking up new and innovative ways to deliver the curriculum ensuring pupils develop an “I can “ attitude to this vital subject. We are proud to teach Maths and we like to have fun!


Open Afternoon for Reception to Year 2

Friday 20th March

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