Physical Education is highly valued at Wycliffe, with every child from Reception to Year 8 receiving specialist teaching, enabling the pupils to improve their physical literacy and develop their knowledge of the human body and how it works, learning about the body, the benefits of health and fitness and the importance of warming up before exercise.

The Physical Education Curriculum explores a range of activities throughout the year groups to enable each pupil to develop the whole child. In order to develop good body control, there is a lot of time devoted to Gymnastics throughout the year groups, from finding different ways of moving and basic balances in Lower Prep, to rolls, sequences and rhythmic gymnastics in Middle Prep, finishing off with Parkour and vaulting in Upper Prep.

Gymnastics also allows for each child to demonstrate their creativity when composing sequences. This creativity is also explored when undertaking the Dance unit in Year 5, and creativity is combined with a tactical element when learning the fast paced game of Handball. Good hand-eye coordination is something that has benefits way beyond the sporting arena and so there are also units on Indoor Tennis, Badminton and Volleyball.

The Summer Term for PE is when the Athletics teaching takes place, and the pupils really enjoy learning the different techniques for track and field events, especially when using the new long jump pit or trying to throw the javelin or discus for the first time.

Run concurrently with Physical Education lessons, every child spends more than 4 hours each week in Games sessions covering the main sports of Rugby, Football and Cricket for boys, and Hockey, Netball, Tennis and Rounders for girls.

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