In the Summer Term, all girls have access to two different sports, one of which is Rounders. Rounders is a fun, enjoyable game that everyone likes to play, and which promotes sportsmanship throughout. Although it seems relatively straightforward to play, our girls strive for excellence, implementing tactical play and specific techniques to outwit their opponent.

Fundamental skills of throwing, catching and hitting are developed on a regular basis, enabling each child to expand and refine their skills whilst also enjoying regular participation in sport.

Wycliffe endeavours to ensure that all girls have the opportunity to represent their school, fielding as many teams as numbers in the year group allow. Fixtures are planned on a regular basis to ensure maximum participation, regardless of age or ability. Each year group also has the opportunity to use their skills and tactical knowledge in an annual tournament.

The school is extremely lucky to be located in the beautiful Cotswolds, making it a picturesque setting on a summers afternoon to play Rounders, surrounded by the beautiful green environment.

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Open Afternoon for Reception to Year 2

Friday 20th March

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