At Wycliffe, Tennis is the sport that has seen the most growth over the last few years, now providing opportunities for all girls from Year 3 to Year 8 to have access to good quality coaching.

Although competitive play is important, we feel that emphasising enjoyment will maintain interest and participation. Lessons are tailored to meet individual needs, focussing on fun small games alongside the technical aspects of a variety of strokes. Children also develop their knowledge of umpiring and decision making, learning how to implement this in competitive situations.

Competition against other schools is introduced at U10 level for more able players, encouraging the children to demonstrate their knowledge of match play. At senior level, mass participation has become the theme over the last 2 years, providing opportunities not only for the 1st and 2nd VI but also the 5th and 6th VI to play competitively.

Additionally, our top players have the opportunity to enter into the IAPS Tennis Tournament.

Wycliffe also has links with “Boon Tennis” which offers high quality coaching during games time supplemented by internal extra-curricular training sessions during the Summer Term.

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Open Afternoon for Reception to Year 2

Friday 20th March

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