Year 3

Art: Studying patterns and the work of Paul Klee (painting and collage) DT: Designing boats, using recycled materials.

Year 4

Art: studying the paintings of Miro, Monet and Mondrian.

DT: Egyptian Pottery

Year 5

Art: Looking at the work of Bridget Riley. Studying the work of David Hockney.

DT: Slab built pots.

Year 6

Art: Pupils study Salvador Dali, and use their imagination to express ideas in a variety of media. They will be studying anthroporphism in Art, the way objects can change through the power of the imagination and dream worlds linked to Surrealist Art.

DT: Bridge designs using KNEX.

Year 7

Art: Pupils will be exploring the work of John Piper this term. The pupils will be focussing their work on perspective in architectural drawing, they will be exploring one point and two point perspective. They will then be creating a finished piece based upon the work of Jon Piper linked to architectural ruins, creating a mood using watercolour and ink washes.

DT: designing and building bird boxes.

Year 8

Art: Explore the works of Picasso and Cubism. Using this as the starting point for two and three dimensional work, pupils collect other information by studying the methods, approaches and intentions of artists who use these techniques as inspiration. They manipulate the visual and tactile qualities of materials to convey mood and feeling about a given subject matter whether it be still life or portraiture.

DT: Designing and making graphics for T: shirts using laser printing software.


Open Afternoon for Reception to Year 2

Friday 20th March

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