grow and cook

Grow and Cook is an activity aimed at raising the awareness of growing your own food, eating as healthily as possible and also understanding that cooking is fun!

As well as this, there are plenty of changes taking place around the campus. A short walk will take you into the new twenty tree orchard, past the two hives of bees, under the twenty nesting boxes for the birds, past some vegetable beds, used to supply the kitchens with some fresh home-grown produce, or wander past the herb beds.

Delicious smells waft from the kitchens, courtesy of the Grow and Cook Club. They have made bread, cookies, pancakes and cakes to name a few, while some Year 8 pupils prepared lunch for the whole school during the recent snow.

Parents have even been treated to some butter making. So what’s new… well, hopefully the beeswax to be made into candles and some lovely honey; the purchase of our very own beautifully restored butter churn and apple and pear juice once our orchard is in full swing.


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