All our meals are freshly cooked on the premises, overseen by Catering Manager: Judith Johnson, and cooked by chefs from Chartwells catering company, namely: Rowan, Di, Jan or Louise helped by several significant other kitchen staff, who then go on to serve the meals directly to the children. Food is sourced as locally as possible and freshly provided by suppliers.

We take our food very seriously and Mrs Palmer liaises with the caterers, the pupil Food Committee and families to make sure all our children are deliciously well provided for. We cater for vegetarians, gluten free, dairy free, lactose free, monosodium glutamate free and we arrange for children with specific allergies to feel safe from an offending food type – from nuts to strawberries. The kitchen staff have a photographic Who’s Who to help them!

Apart from sandwiches and fruit at morning break and biscuits after school, we have a three-week menu which rotates throughout the term and is occasionally changed for exciting additional days such as European Day of Languages when we have been known to feast on a European menu or Chinese New Year when we have sampled Chinese food.

Every day, we have a cooked meat dish, a cooked vegetarian dish, freshly cooked vegetables, potatoes or pasta or rice depending on the main meal, jacket potatoes, sauce or gravy to add. For dessert, a cooked pudding – from rice to sponge with fruit served with or without custard, freshly made yogurt, chopped fruit for this with wobbly teeth and whole fruit for those who prefer it.

If you would like a salad rather than a cooked meal, we have four types of protein to choose from – perhaps ham, cheese, eggs or fish – and we have between six and eight bowls of salad items such as carrot sticks, Waldorf salad, beetroot, cucumber slices, tomatoes or mixed rocket and onion but these vary from day to day.

Bon appétit!

Open Afternoon for Reception to Year 2

Friday 20th March

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