Year 7 and 8 are crucial years for our pupils as we focus on equipping them with key life skills, as well as ensuring that they have an excellent academic foundation which will ensure a smooth and successful start to Year 9 when they venture on to the path towards GCSEs.  The Wycliffe Baccalaureate was introduced as a replacement for Common Entrance, which we believe puts pressure on young people without any commensurate impact on GCSE results. At Wycliffe, we feel this is a key time for pupils to experience a broad, rich and balanced curriculum and our Baccalaureate ensures just that.  We value academic performance and performance in art, music, drama, and sport equally.  The Baccalaureate is also unique in the way it acknowledges each pupil’s attitude as part of the final award, where we award points based on how a child embodies our core values of Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, and Empathy.  Our own Kirby Challenge, where each of our Y8s commits to a project that raises funds for charity, is also part of the Wycliffe Baccalaureate; it requires each pupil to develop each of the Core Values through a project that tests them and from which they will learn and grow as individuals.

At the end of Year 8, our pupils are awarded the Wycliffe Baccalaureate diploma at a ceremony with Mr Palmer, Head of the Prep School and Mr Gregory, Head of the Senior School.  The award can be achieved at four different levels – Foundation Pass, Pass, Merit or Distinction.

We believe that this combination of academic achievement, co-curricular commitment, life skills and a positive attitude to learning are integral to the type of pupil we want to develop at the Preparatory School; equipped for success and happiness at their Senior School, and ready and able to make a contribution to their new school environment, their wider communities, and in their futures.

For more information please contact Mr Ross Irwin, Director of Studies  or to come along and talk to our Year 8 pupils about the Wycliffe Baccalaureate. Please contact our Admissions Manager, Miss Briony Armstrong to arrange a visit.

Open Afternoon for Reception to Year 2

Friday 20th March

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