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Teachers care for you and the grades you are getting. If I do not quite understand something in a lesson, teachers are willing to give extra help after school and go through the theme of the lesson once more.

Evgeniya Litvina has been at Wycliffe College for three years joining in the pre A Level Year, which we call Development Year. Evgeniya is in her final year, is a College Prefect, and hopes to read International Business or Management at University but is undecided as to which Country.

When she joined she did not know much about England and Boarding Schools, so she came here with an open mind, without any expectations. She found it very different to her previous school in Russia (in a good way!).

Apart from the caring teachers she has enjoyed many of the activities the school offers and has participated in many of them including art, ceramics, horse riding and others.
Evgeniya is enjoying her A Level programme and says,

I love that the A Level programme allows me to choose the subjects I like and enjoy doing, so I would not have to waste my time on the subjects I am not good at and do not need for the future in terms of the University course I want to do. Also, life here has taught me independence and self-discipline when it comes to studying, which is vital to get good grades, and, I think, will help a lot in the future.

She is grateful for having the opportunity to be a Prefect and the trust that College has put in her. She says,

I hope to contribute back to this school, which has supported me greatly. I also enjoy helping to organise events and the Prefect position provides me with the opportunity to do this.

For new pupils joining Wycliffe, her message is clear,

I would recommend to try and get over shyness and get involved in as many activities and events as possible. You might discover something new about yourself, find a new hobby and meet people with the same interests who will later become your friends. Never be afraid to try something new!

Evgeniya - Pupil at Wycliffe School

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