Wycliffe College

Mark Zheng is in Year 13 and is Head of Ward’s House. He is hoping that his A Level’s in Maths, Further Maths and Business Studies will lead him to read accountancy at Warwick or Bath although he is also considering other Countries for his degree.

Mark joined in Year 9 from South East China and on arrival he found Wycliffe College big and complicated. He says he expected School in the UK to be the same as in China with the same classmates for each lesson and not many activities. He was therefore surprised to find the huge range of activities open to him and he quickly joined the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) and took lessons in the shooting range. His shooting skills have developed and he now enjoys representing the School as Captain of Shooting. Mark has also just completed his Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award.

He says the multinational side of College is important and would encourage any pupils to make friends with as many people as possible from all over the world. He is strong believer in the value of friendships and knows that it is the friends he has made here that will be what he misses most when he leaves in June. Unsurprisingly as Head of Ward’s, Mark’s favourite place in College, is his House. He takes his position very seriously and sees that he has a big responsibility to help all new members of Ward’s settle in quickly and feel part of the community. He said the recent House Song competition was a great way to bring everyone together.

To new Year 9 pupils, Mark’s advice would be to take guidance from the School’s Motto, be loyal (to your house and your friends) and be brave. He says,

Talk to people, make many friends, stand up for what you think, be true to yourself and you will make friends for life, who will be with you always.

Mark - Pupil at Wycliffe School

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