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This century is the time of the biologist as they are and will continue to be at the forefront of the most challenging and important intellectual problems facing humankind.

Biologists will continue to reveal the relationships between genes and disease and will use their creativity and analytical skills to find cures and preventive measures. They will be responsible for solving the environmental problems that are thrown up by our ever-increasing population and our over-use of the World’s finite resources.

From Year 9 pupils take Biology along with Chemistry and Physics as part of their Key Stage 3 curriculum. Pupils then have the option of taking science as an option, where they will go on to get a GCSE in each of the three subjects, or take a Double Award in Science, where they will get two GCSEs across the three subjects. A Level Biology is one of our most popular subjects with on average 18 pupils taking this course every year.

Pupils who have studied Biology at Wycliffe, have gone on to read Biomedical Science, Biochemistry and Genetics and Medicine at universities such as Queen Mary; London, University of Nottingham, University of Birmingham and Aston University.

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