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The Department offers Economics and Business as two separate A Level courses.   At GCSE level, the department offers a two year joint GCSE in Business and Economics for pupils in Years 10 and 11.  For pupils joining the school in the Development Year an IGCSE in Economics is offered.

GCSE Business is available as an option to study in Year 10 and 11. Both Business and Economics are offered as separate A Levels in the Sixth Form. The Business A Level applies theoretical content to actual business examples of all size and nature, regarding strategic direction, globalisation, ethical, environmental and technological issues. The A level takes over twenty different theories and models and pupils are encouraged to analyse the theories in conjunction with different situations.   In Economics both micro and macroeconomics are studied.  The course looks at economic theory, competitive markets, the banking system and behavioural economics.  As with Business, Economics requires pupils to apply the theory learnt in class to the Economic environment.   Both A level subjects require pupils to have an enthusiasm and passion for the world around them.  To be successful pupils must have a firm grasp on current business and economic stories.  To help pupils develop their understanding and their ability to apply the classroom to the real world, several trips are undertaken.

GCSE  Business covers two themes – investigating a small business and building a business.  The IGCSE in Economics is designed especially for the one year Development Year.  This course covers the basic economic concepts, ranging from supply and demand to globalization and Government intervention.  As with the A levels, the pupils learn through a variety of different real life examples.

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