English at Wycliffe College is taught as a core subject starting from Year 9 and continuing as core into Years 10-11, with GCSEs being split into English Literature and English Language. Pupils can choose to study Creative Writing, English Language or English Literature at A Level.

The Year 9 course includes: a study of other cultures, covering Literature from around the world: War Poetry; Shakespeare; Non-fiction; a genre study of the Gothic. In Year 9 we also introduce the GCSE English Literature course by beginning the study of the poetry anthology unit.
English Language at GCSE follows the Eduqas specification and pupils should expect to study prose fiction comprehension, 19th and 21st Century non-fiction, prose writing, transactional writing and a spoken language presentation at the end of year 10.

English Literature GCSE, again following the Eduqas specification, promotes analytical skills and the ability to synthesise material. Pupils will study: a post 1914 text, 19th century prose, unseen poetry, a poetry anthology and a Shakespeare play.
At A Level we follow the AQA English Literature A specification which is Historicist in its approach. Pupils will study texts in context, either following the period of WWI and its aftermath or Modern Times from 1945 to the present day. In addition, they will study the theme of love through the ages which will include the study of a Shakespeare play and a modern novel. Recent text choices have included ‘Othello’ and ‘The Great Gatsby. There is also the opportunity in the second year of the course for pupils to study their own choice of texts in the coursework unit.

The Creative Writing Course is a Creative Arts A-level but will still be academically rigorous in terms of the reading, writing and thinking expected of the pupils. They will have the pleasure of creating a portfolio of work which will form 60% of their overall A Level.

Cambridge International A Level English Language provides candidates with opportunities to make critical and informed responses to texts which are wide-ranging in their form, style and context. Candidates are also required to produce their own imaginative writing, and demonstrate their ability to produce writing for given audiences. Those who opt for Cambridge International A Level English Language will develop a strong foundation in the study of linguistics, focusing on spoken language, gender contexts and English as a global language. This course explores pupils’ own potential and develops skills in a range of written forms from fiction to advertising and journalism.

The English Department arranges regular study days, theatre and cinema trips as well as visits from writers to hear experts provide insights into the processes of creating good writing to support the learning of pupils at all levels.

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