Head of Department – Ben Urquhart

All the teachers in the department are French specialists who have lived and worked in France, with wide experience of its culture and language.

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French is taught in all year groups at the Senior School. Pupils entering Year 9 who select French will join a continuers’ class, in which they start the GCSE programme. They may then choose to continue with French to complete their GCSE in years 10 and 11, and A level in the sixth form if they wish. International pupils joining Wycliffe for the Development Year may take our accelerated French course as their foreign language option, and complete GCSE within one year.

Pupils studying French at A Level study divide their lessons between two teachers and have weekly one-to-one speaking tutorials. Small class sizes allow lessons to be adapted for individuals and there is an element of choice on film and literature.

As well as formal lessons, French at Wycliffe provides a range of enriching activities, from songs and films to making pancakes and icing French chocolate Christmas logs.

From time to time the College runs trips to France, allowing pupils to practise and improve their language skills outside the classroom. The visit to Paris offers opportunities for those who are keen on art and history, and one of our most popular trips is to a château in Normandy for an intensive language and cultural activity week, encouraging pupils to learn through immersion via multi-media such as literature, magazines, film, cinema, music and use of ICT in the target language.

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