Head of Department – Nadja Stephens-Mikesch

We are a well-established team consisting of native speakers, subject specialists and linguists.

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German is taught in all year groups at the Senior School. Pupils in Year 9 may choose a beginners or continuers class, with the option to continue with German at GCSE level in Year 10.

Pupils studying German benefit from a specialist teacher and small class sizes, allowing the teacher to adapt to the needs of each individual and ensuring the pupils get all of the attention and resources they need to succeed.

Our German assistants take pupils in pairs (lower school) or one to one (Sixth Form) for speaking lessons which really help enhance pupils’ communication skills.

We run a very successful, biennial German exchange with a grammar school in Trier. For the exchange, participating Wycliffe pupils are paired with a pupil from our partner school. The exchange encourages pupils to build long lasting friendships, and gives them an authentic experience of language use. Our pupils act as hosts when their German partners visit, and then we go on a return visit to stay with our partners and their families in Trier. During our week in Germany, we visit our German partner school for a day, and pupils take part in lessons. We also go on day trips and visit historical sights, and we engage in inter-cultural activities, such as playing local sports and cooking national dishes.

Pupils also go on subject related excursions, for example our Sixth Formers attend German lectures on current affairs. Pupils have access to a range of multimedia resources to enhance their learning. They are encouraged to learn through the use of authentic German literature, film and music as well as our well resourced ICT facilities.

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