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History is the study of ourselves, an investigation of human behaviour, an enquiry into our motives and their consequences which shaped the world we live in today.

History is very popular and highly regarded, going well with other Arts and Social Science subjects.  With a qualification in History, pupils can go on to work in a great variety of jobs in law, business and administration, the police service, the armed forces, journalism and the media, leisure and tourism.

GCSE History offers a wide variety of experiences. History is not so much a matter of learning facts, but rather a case of explaining and understanding why and how things happened.

Pupils will investigate issues using written documents, videos/DVDs, images and the internet. They will be expected to form their own opinions and be able to justify them in an argument, with the ability to see both sides of the argument.

There is no right or wrong answer in History, as long as a pupil can justify their point of view.

Topics include; Medical Developments from Trepanning to DNA, Edward I Castles & Conquests, Tsarist & Communist Russia, and Wars in the East – the Cold War becomes hot!

A Level History further expands pupil’s knowledge from GCSE. The course covers a wide spectrum of history. The Tudors – Religious Turmoil & Rebellions interwoven into a family story, The Fall of the French Monarchy and the Rise of Napoleon, and Conquest and Fratricide in the Ottoman Empire.

Many Wycliffe pupils go on to study History at University.

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