Head of Department – Sandy Revie

Miss Revie was educated in New Zealand and spent six years living and working in Japan.

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Japan’s influence in world commerce, trade, industry, media, sport and tourism makes it a leading global economy. Whether you wish to combine Japanese Language with any of these specialisms, or whether you simply wish to learn more about the arts, culture and heritage of the Japanese, you will find this course both fascinating and inspirational.

Miss Revie was educated in New Zealand and spent six years living and working in Japan. Mrs Suzui is a Japanese native who has lived in the UK since 2000.

Japanese is taught across the Senior School. Pupils entering Year 9 may choose to start learning as beginners, with the choice in Year 10 of continuing on to GCSE and after that at A Level.

Pupils studying Japanese benefit from a specialist teachers and small class sizes. Such conditions allow the teachers to adapt to the needs of each pupil allowing them to flourish. There is a huge emphasis on cultural learning through literature, magazines, film, music and use of ICT in the target-language.

The school offers a unique language experience at its partner-school in Tokyo, Japan where pupils have the opportunity to spend time with a Japanese family and attend the school. Pupils also have the chance to see many famous sights of both ancient and modern Japan.

There is a trip London, which includes traditional Japanese cultural workshops at the Japanese Embassy, as well as a visit to a Japanese Temple and Zen Garden. The annual Haiku Workshop with an award winning Haiku poet is very popular and allows pupils to enter an International Haiku Competition.

Pupils also participate annually in the Nihongo Cup, a national Japanese speaking competition in London; Wycliffe pupils have consistently successful and the School boasts five winners.

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Friday 20th March

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