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Physics is an amazingly broad subject, covering the study of matter, energy, motion, and force. Alternatively, it can be thought of as the study of the world around us and why it works in the way it does.  This ranges from the tiny scale, such as atoms and the development of nano-robots, to the largest possible scale, the study of our planet and the universe.

At Wycliffe we follow AQA GCSE and A level courses.  Being taught in three modern, purpose built laboratories.  It is the aim of the Department to ensure that Physics is taught through stimulating lessons using modern apparatus and IT facilities and to offer the opportunity for hands on practical work wherever possible.

Qualifications in Physics can also open doors to a host of future careers, from engineering and research to the less obvious such as business and finance. Pupils having studied Physics at A Level have gone onto such universities as University of St Andrews, University of Nottingham, De Montford University and Queen Mary; London.

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Friday 20th March

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