The Library is situated at the heart of the school and is a haven for independent learning. Pupils have access to 22 PCs and a range of other regularly updated material. The facilities are provided for the use and enjoyment of the whole school community.

Our aim is to provide a welcoming and stimulating environment where pupils can pursue quiet study, surrounded by a variety of resources to support them in their studies, whether individually, in classes or as part of a group, during lesson times, or in ‘free time’.  We aim to promote lifelong learning by encouraging a love of books and reading.

Members of the Library Team are always on hand to answer queries, to assist in finding information for pupils and to teach library research skills.

The adjacent Silent Study Room holds an extensive collection of films which can be borrowed.  Pupils have the opportunity to become Library Prefects and can also complete their service section of the Duke of Edinburgh Award here.


  • To support the curriculum at all levels
  • To create a resource that engages pupils and staff and provides a comfortable atmosphere for quiet work
  • To provide materials for recreational reading
  • To increase pupils’ confidence in locating and handling information in a variety of media
  • To develop pupils’ competence in evaluating and processing information

Open Afternoon for Reception to Year 2

Friday 20th March

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