In 2014, three-year analysis of GCSE value added scores were significantly positive, showing that Wycliffe adds more than a third of a grade on average compared to expected performance and taking into account the achievement of similar standard pupils in schools elsewhere. Analysis of all subjects at sixth form in 2014 was also positive, placing the school in the top 19% of all schools in the UK.

Our philosophy is encompassed in our vision statement which is the foreword to all our academic policies. We treat each pupil as an individual and are small enough for everyone to know everyone else yet have the facilities and resources of much larger schools. We will celebrate achievements with our pupils at GCSE and then A Level, whether that is securing 10 A* grades or more modest achievements that represent real success for the individuals involved.

Whole School Opening Morning

- Saturday 4th March 2017 -

Senior School  9.00am – 12.00pm

Prep School  10.00am – 12.00pm

For further information about Senior School Admissions please call Charlotte Phillips on 01453 820412.

For further information about Prep School Admissions please call Briony Armstrong on 01453 820471.