Wycliffe College

Boris is a Year 13 pupil at Wycliffe College. Originally from Macau, he joined the school as a Development Year pupil in 2013 and has gone on to become an impressive musician.

He chose Wycliffe because of its wide array of subjects with the flexibility to study what you enjoy. Boris is very passionate about music and is highly skilled on the saxophone, piano and his favourite, the guitar. Wycliffe has helped Boris to be able to dedicate his academic life to his love of music.

Boris boards at Robinson House and his favourite aspect of boarding life is the social element, being close to his friends for fun or support. With Wycliffe College being situated close to Stonehouse train station, Boris takes full advantage of this by regularly travelling the country by train to experience the sights and history of the UK.

Before starting at Wycliffe College, Boris was unsure of his academic future and what path he wanted to take in life. However, after finishing his Development Year, he started to heavily focus his studies on music and, with the help of the Director of Music, Mrs Russell and the Assistant Director of Music, Mr Weaver, Boris realised he would love to pursue a career teaching music. After Boris finishes his education at Wycliffe he plans to return to Macau to study to become a fully qualified teacher.

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