Wycliffe College

Luba is a Year 10 pupil at Wycliffe College. She joined us in September 2016 from Russia. She possesses a keen creative talent for the Arts.

She chose Wycliffe College for her education as she felt that it looked to be one of the best schools in England. During her first visit, Luba said that she “loved the campus and the strong feeling of community.” The wide array of subjects on offer also helped to influence her decision as well as personal recommendations.

Wycliffe provides a diverse set of courses, and Luba feels this has helped her realise that she has a natural talent in Art but at the same time she has the freedom to focus her studies on what she chooses. Whilst she hasn’t quite made her mind up what she would like to do on completing her studies, she is very confident that with the help of her peers and teachers she will make the right decision when the time comes.

Luba boards at Ivy Grove and loves every minute of it. She says that the best bit is always being able to have your friends close to you for support. There are also a lot of campus events taking place throughout the year that she enjoys attending. This creates a wonderful atmosphere around the College, as well as creating a brilliant learning environment.

Wycliffe College Open Morning