Sasha, currently a Year 12 pupil, joined Wycliffe in 2011 as a Year 7 pupil at the Prep School.

It was the fantastic sporting facilities and the opportunities that these provided that helped Sasha to choose Wycliffe.

Transitioning to Wycliffe from her primary school seemed rather daunting for Sasha. However, after her first few days at Wycliffe all of these worries melted away as the small class sizes and brilliant guidance of teachers enabled Sasha to catch up with her peers very quickly. This, along with the support of her friends helped her to settle in quickly.

Since starting Wycliffe College, Sasha has realised that she is an incredibly talented sportswoman, being a member of the Hockey, Netball, Tennis, Athletics, Equestrian and Swimming team! She says “All of the sports staff have been so supportive, helping me to achieve my goals.”

Sasha’s day house is Haywardsend. She feels it is more like a second home than a school, a relaxed environment where she can go to study or meet her friends. The strong sense of community makes Wycliffe itself feel so welcoming and accepting. She feels there is a great atmosphere and that everyone is friends with everyone else, including the teachers.

In the long run, Sasha hoped to play Hockey at a National/International level. The sports staff has been beneficial in helping her to achieve her goals, offering 1 on1 training sessions, strength & conditioning coaching and so much more. Although Sasha focuses a vast majority of her studies on sport, the support she receives in academia helps her to manage her time successfully between her studies and her sport.

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