Oliver Cooper (H 2006 – 2012) and his wife Sarah; married in 2014 and now have a wonderful new addition to their family; the beautiful Evie Blanche Cooper born in August 2017.



Rob Bartlett (J S 1987 – 1997) and his wife Alessandra celebrated the birth of their son, Luke, who was born Jan 4th 2018 weighing 9lb 2oz.


Andy Haines (C 2003 – 2005) and his wife Kate celebrated the birth of a beautiful girl, Beatrix Helen Iris born in June 2018; a sister to Jasper.


Marcus Dodd (P C 1991 – 2004) and Charlie Wood celebrated the birth of Freyja Aria Wood last year, on 31st July 2018


Dan Harrison (P R 1991 – 1999) and his fiancée, Andrea, celebrated the birth of their son Samuel who arrived 22nd September 2018 weighing a tiny 5lbs 10oz. Congratulations to you both on your wonderful news.

Kate Rennicks (P SH 1987 – 1997) and her partner, Carl Jacklin, celebrated the birth of Alfred (Alfie) Ryan Jacklin. He arrived on 29 November 2018 at Gloucester Royal weighing 8lb 1oz. Congratulations on your new arrival.



Helen Vieira (P L 2004) and her husband, David, were delighted to welcome baby Sebastian Nicholas Samuel to the family in March, a little brother to Benedict. All doing well and settling into life as a family of 4.


James Brackley (P C 2007) and his wife, Megan, celebrated the birth of their first child, Oskar.


Hon OW Lisa Wisbey (2009 to present) and her husband, Jonathan, celebrated the birth of Emilia June in March, weighing 7lbs 6oz.


Hon OW Joanne Wright (2009 to present) and her husband, Mark, celebrated the birth of Mia Linda Gertrude Wright born on 1st July weighing 7lbs 2oz, a beautiful sister to Jack.


Mr Jonny Harford (S R M 2001) Wycliffe College Director of Squash and his wife, Sarah, celebrated the birth of their twins Oscar and Alfie in October.


Teri Clarke (nee Butcher) (HE 2015) and her husband, Elliot, celebrated the birth of their daughter Esmae Elizabeth-Lousia on 29th March weighing 5lb 14oz.

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